Ozone Shocking

Ozone Shocking Charlotte, NCThe interior spaces of your car have to endure a great deal of wear & tear. Regardless of how often you get it cleaned and maintained, pet odors, cigarette smoke, body odor etc take their toll and over time, you notice that your car starts smelling dank and musty. No amount of car air freshener can help get rid of these and it’s when you know that you will have to opt for some specialized treatment.

We at Details USA provide excellent Ozone Shocking solutions and serve customers in and around Charlotte, Rock Hill, Matthews, Mount Holly, and Huntersville. We also have a large number of repeat clients coming in from Mint Hill, Indian Trail, Gastonia, Cornelius, Concord as well as Kannapolis.

When Is Ozone Shocking Used?

This car interior treatment is very effective in destroying mold, mildew, viruses as well as bacteria and fungus; in turn this helps eliminate all the odors that arise from these elements. The different issues this treatment is able to tackle are:

  • Pet Odors
  • Mold and Mildew
  • Food Remnants
  • Cigarette Smoke
  • Vomit
  • Body Odor
  • Any Bacteria-Related Odors

In most instances, we recommend that our customers opt for full-interior car steam as well as the Ozone car air purifying service. In combination, this helps purify the interiors and it disinfects and kills bacteria.

Ozone Facts

  • Ozone is also referred to as "activated oxygen", and is the world’s 2nd most-powerful sterilizer.
  • It’s highly effective in eliminating bacteria, viruses & odors.
  • The atoms in ozone get attached to odor molecules and it changes their molecular structure and turns them into much less odorous compounds; eventually the odors are completely eliminated.
  • After use, ozone reverts to oxygen, and this makes it an extremely environmentally-friendly oxidant.
  • We apply ozone in an expert manner and even when it gets turned into oxygen, since the source of the odor gets destroyed, you will have a clean and odor-free car to drive and travel in.
  • Ozone application requires expert handling and an excess of it isn’t necessarily more effective in getting rid of odors. Our experts apply it in the recommended manner and even if you aren’t able to smell it, it will still do its job effectively.
  • Low levels of exposure to ozone aren’t harmful, and there are absolutely no long-term effects reported from ozone exposure. This makes it safe, not just for our customers, but for the technicians that carry out this service.

Cost Effective Ozone Services

We provide custom services at very economical Ozone Shocking cost. Over the years, we have built a very strong customer base; individual customers as well as dealers, corporate etc. approach us to get this service for their vehicles. Apart from this, we provide excellent steam cleaning, paint chip repair solutions and car interior restoration solutions.

In short, we are the professionals that provide comprehensive car cleaning, paint and detailing services. For excellent, customized detailing services, Details USA is the company to call at this number-704-936- 0300. You can also send us your project details through this online form.
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