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Car Detailing Charlotte, NCWe know how much you look after and care for your vehicle. You have it serviced and maintained on a regular basis and ensure its washed and polished regularly. But there are times when you know its exterior really needs some extra attention. In time, road debris, dust and pollution as well as climatic changes take their toll and in the long run, you find that the paint starts looking old and the wheels and glass windows etc also start looking dull.

It’s possible to spruce-up the look of your vehicle; you only have to come to us at Details USA for our excellent detailing services. Details USA has been serving customers in and around Charlotte, Rock Hill, Matthews, Mount Holly, and Huntersville. We also have a large number of repeat clients coming in from Mint Hill, Indian Trail, Gastonia, Cornelius, Concord as well as Kannapolis.

If your check, you will find a great number of companies that provide similar services, but only a few that excel at it, like we do. We are a family-owned company that provides excellent mobile car detailing services, right at your doorstep. All our mobile vans are fully-equipped and unlike most of our competitors, we provide our own power and water. It means, the car cleaning and polishing is done with the least amount of hassle to you and in a very cost-effective manner too.

Variety of Indoor and Exterior Detailing Services

Regardless of whether you want your own car cleaned or as business owner, needs entire fleet detailing done, we are the professionals that can handle it all. Here are the services included in our car detailing solutions:

  • Clay Treatment - We decontaminate the paint of all road debris such as bugs, road tar, and dirt.
  • Wash - The car will then be hand-washed using a microfiber mitt and a foam cannon/2-bucket system.
  • High-Quality Carnauba Wax - The exterior surface of your vehicle will be polished with this special wax. It protects & moisturizes the paint, and provides UV protection as well.
  • Polish & Wax Exterior - The surfaces will be machine polished using an orbital buffing wheel; this gives it a very high gloss finish.
  • Wash Door Jams - We will remove dirt from all the moving components such as door locks mechanism and door hinges etc.
  • Clean Wheels - Buildup of all the break dust & grease will be removed to make the care look like new again.

In addition to this, we will also dress the tires and polish the wheels and the undercarriage of the vehicle. We steam clean the engine space as this doesn’t harm it in any way. We also use Ozone Shocking to clean the interiors of the car and this helps remove all the mold and mildew, pet odor and spoiled food particles in crevices of the seating etc.

All seats will be steam cleaned as will the air ducts, the dashboard and the console. Glass Polishing and paint correction will be carried out as required.

We are a fully –insured, bonded and certified company that focuses on providing high grade custom detailing services at very reasonable pricing. For excellent, customized detailing services, Details USA is the company to call at this number-704-936- 0300. You can also send us your project details through this online form.
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